Daphne | Paris, France

“I had an amazing time with Tofino Surf Camp last summer. My surf instructor Allan was very patient, and thanks to him and Drew I managed to have fun on the waves even though I was a bit anxious to start with!

After a relaxing morning surf session, I enjoyed the hikes Drew took us on to explore the breathtakingly beautiful Pacific Rim National Park. I was lucky enough to go whale watching and see orcas…that will be a lifetime memory!

Overall, I felt warmly welcomed, which is so valuable when visiting a foreign country. Thank you so much for this wonderful holiday! I really wish to come back to Tofino someday.”

Anders | Odense, Denmark

tofino-surf-camp 4-paul-levy.jpg

"Yew! This is a really awesome way to learn how to surf and get an insight into the surf culture. The team is small, so there is plenty of time for feedback on your surfing, and everybody fits into Drew's nice van, which is great because then you are always going as a team for hiking or sightseeing.

Drew knows a lot about Tofino, the history and the nature, so if you are just slightly curious about anything, there is a good change that he knows. The atmosphere is chill and relaxed, which makes it a great environment for learning and gives you a lot of flexibility of doing more or less of the things that are planned - for me it was doing more surfing at sunset.

Thank you for a great experience!"

Alicia | Brooklyn, New York

I don't use words lightly, and I especially don't use words like "magical" or "transcendent" lightly, so here is my review: The Surf Camp with Drew and his crew was magical and transcendent. This trip was about more than just surfing; it was about heart and merriment, about letting go and going for it. There aren't many people like Drew in this world, so make the most of his knowledge, insight, and humor, as well as his love for Tofino, the surf, and spending time with friends both old and new.

There also aren't many places like Tofino, so do yourself a favor and GO THERE NOW. As for the surf itself, I am not sure you could ask for better conditions for learning or advancing. My one piece of advice is to trust your instructors! They are passionate about surfing but also about teaching, and they make a point of being experts at both (shout out to Allan).

Go at their pace, listen to their positive as well as constructive comments, and have confidence that when you leave, you will have been set up for success wherever and whenever you surf next. (I took a lesson in NY the week I returned, and my instructor was so impressed with the knowledge I brought back with me.)

So thank you again Drew, Allan, and Adam for all that you gave and all that you are. Oh, and one last thing: build a bonfire on the beach!! You will be too exhausted to do it, but do it anyway. We did it on the final night, and it was a beautiful way to bid farewell.

Jay | Vancouver, British Columbia

"Every part of this multi-day tour and surf camp is well thought out and made as easy as possible. The hostel was clean, secure, and the food was fantastic.

Drew (and his black Lab "Yogi") were the perfect tour guides through the wilderness and town of Tofino. He shared his knowledge of the current goings-on of the area as well as it's history. Ecological mind-frame and First-Nations relevance seemed to be consistent themes in Tofino and the tours reflected this. Drew also got a feel for what his guests were all about and had no trouble relating parts of his tours to each individual. When someone has passion for what they do, it shows.

The surf camp gave a comprehensive perspective of what it would be like to adopt a surfing lifestyle and to be in tune with the ocean. I know much more about weather and surf conditions and will never look at a swell the same way again. Allen and Adam as instructors were enthusiastic and informative. They provided an atmosphere on the water where you can make all the beginner-mistakes you need to without judgement. Video analysis in the mornings and a "report card" at the end of the week really gave me a good idea of what I do well, and what I can work on."

Martin | Calgary, Alberta

"Even the best words, especially mine, like photos, cannot truly do justice to any experience. However, for me, the surf camp hosted by the amazing Drew was out of this world! I could not have enjoyed myself more, the surf and the coaches made the experience safe and everyone was so encouraging. The Fit-To-RIP classes really prepared us to get the most out of every precious day. Everyone, especially Drew, was so enthusiastic.

There is such a great vibe in Tofino and Drew hooks you up to it immediately (the coolest places to go, where to go to get anything you may need, the history, ecology, knowledge of the peoples of the land, he is a total support in every way). When you talk to Drew you get a full picture; you appreciate that Tofino is really trying to develop tourism in a sustainable and ecological way whilst retaining the vibe, deep history, and culture.

I took a chance, as I was laid off last year. Although spending money seemed like a luxury, the time was right, and the course turned out to be one of the best times of my life. I would advise anyone thinking of signing up to ‘to seize the day’. Life is too short not to attempt to Surf at least once. Go for it!"

Hilary | Jasper, Alberta

"My time at the surf camp was truly more of an experience than just a vacation. I felt less like I was on a tour, but like a buddy was showing me around the island. Drew is super knowledgeable, and took us on some fantastic hikes, recommended different things for us to do in our spare time, and showed us around the town. I could not have asked for anything better, and am already planning my next surf vacation already.

In the morning we would get up for our Fit to Rip session with Nicole, which totally helped us in our surf lessons. Through slow and repeated movements, she taught us how to improve different aspects of our surfing technique. Connecting our mind and our body, to create a fluid and natural movement. It was really interesting and she has videos online that you can check out and order.

Surfing is the source. Seriously. Obviously I could not be Kelly Slater after three days of surfing, but our instructor was amazingly encouraging, professional, and patient. We were super lucky in that it was just my friend and myself so we really got some great one-on-one time with the instructor. It was easy to feel comfortable. She was eager to see us succeed and teach us things we needed to know so one day we could surf on our own. It was also nice too that we had the option of keeping our boards and wetsuits with us if we wanted to venture into the waves by ourselves.

We stayed at Jamie’s Rainforest Inn, in the dorm-style accommodations, which was like basic hostel bunk-beds. Most of the staff at the inn and in the restaurant were so nice, and the food that was included in our package menu was actually amazing."

Steve | Calgary, Alberta


"Best vacation dollars spent in a tough economy. Initially, when I first started planning a surf camp I had pinned locations around the world. When I realized the cost associated with that I started looking closer to home. This is the only surf camp in Canada I could find.

Tofino Surf Camp did not disappoint. As a novice surfer I was amped to go. I even decided to purchase a new board. Emailing Drew with all kinds of questions about purchasing a board, I truly appreciated every timely response and insight he had (which is a massive amount regarding surf boards). He managed to temper my excitement for 2 months via email and when I arrived one of the first things he said was "lets go find you a surf board". Amazing!

With new board in hand, it was time to surf. The instructions from Alan (totally filled the father figure roll in my life for that week) and Adam (Pacific Surf School) was fantastic. Every morning they were eager to get us on green waves out the back! The video feedback and morning coffee sessions discussing the days previous surf was also a huge help.

As for Drew (our guide, chauffeur, local expert, pacific rim extraordinaire), he was nothing short of amazing for the week. Riding around in the surf van, funky tunes pumpin', Yogi (Drew's dog) chillin' in the back made for a surreal experience. One of my best memories from the trip was meeting Drew out back in the water at Cox bay. We were out in "Lando's" corner and I looked up to see massive rocks and spruce all around. The swell was relaxed that day but Drew knew exactly where to catch the best waves. Again pretty surreal setting.

Learning about the Nuu-chah-nulth, cedar trees, vicious Sundew's, beach fires, Tofino brewing company, Jaime's Rainforest Inn staff and food, Storm the Surf shop (See Monty!), the drive from Port Alberni to Tofino, the mortar rounds at the dunes, the list could go on and on...Was a great experience. Can't wait to be a repeat offender.  

Thank you Drew and Tofino Surf Camp."

Kaylie | Sydney, Australia

"Thank you Drew at Tofino Surf Camp for the most amazing experience. I had been travelling Canada for almost 2 months prior to joining up with the surf camp, but it was by far the most memorable part of my trip. In 5 short days I went from being a solo traveler to being surrounded by the most inspiring, spontaneous, beautiful people.

Tofino Surf Camp organised absolutely everything for me, it was the easiest process and allowed me to sit back and just enjoy the company and that beautiful swell! I can't wait to come back to Tofino and make some more memories. Thank you again Drew, you made my experience unforgettable."

Jordan | Vancouver, British Columbia

"The surf camp gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the sport of surfing as well as everything else Tofino has to offer. Five days in the water surfing coupled with top-notch coaching really helped me to grasp the fundamentals of surfing, while having an absolute class act like Drew showing us around the pristine trails and beaches of Tofino was just as much of a highlight of the camp as the surfing."

Christine | San Francisco, California

"The surf camp was an amazing experience! The lessons were tailored to our needs. I really liked that I did not have to worry about planning since the camp is all inclusive and responsive to your needs as well as current conditions (e.g., weather). I definitely would go back to the camp!

Ashley | Peterborough, Ontario

IMG_2699 (Robert Fiorella).jpg

"I recently attended a Tofino Surf Camp and I had an absolutely fantastic time. I have never traveled alone before and decided to start in Tofino, I made a great decision. It was slightly unnerving to be going on a solo trip but from the beginning when I started to email Drew, I had a lot of confidence in him. Every encounter was very professional and helpful which made me feel comfortable. Everything is taken care of, all you need to worry about is getting off work and booking transport. Drew was even able to accommodate a work conflict, which would have made me miss the camp.

I was also very impressed with the incorporation of Pacific Surf Company and our instructor Allan. It is not about giving you a board and just throwing you into the water. There is a lot of time spent gaining an understanding of the basics of surfing, the way in which waves will be generated to properly pick optimal surf times and locations, and also just a general appreciation of the sport. Surfing incorporates balance, strength, coordination, mindfulness and passion which is easy to see that most of the locals have, including Drew and Allan. This surf camp introduced me to all of this and I have definitely developed a love for the sport, I can't wait to be out on the waves again!"

Jorge | Hamilton, Ontario

tofino-surf-camp-pacific -rim-national-park

"This summer I travelled to Tofino for the 5 Day Pacific Surf Camp and damn was it incredible. The pure, raw beauty of Tofino is utterly spectacular. Tofino is a cool, misty little town, packed with wildlife and a really chill vibe. If this is your first surf trip, what a great place to learn. The beaches are beginner friendly so you can totally charge out there without worrying about falling on jagged coral reefs or any other dangers that typical tropical climates bring.

Drew, the owner/operator of the cam, was extremely friendly, accommodating and made you feel very welcome right from the get go. Drew and his dog Yogi took the time to show us around town, hikes around the beach and Pacific Rim National Park. It all felt very natural and comfortable like a bunch of friends just hanging out and laughing.

The lessons provided by Allan (the surf instructor from Pacific Surf Co ) were outstanding! I can definitely say I have the confidence to go out surfing on my own thanks to Allan and Drew. With the surf camps being a small size, you really get that one on one coaching to improve your skills out on the water. Allan always made sure we were having fun but still pushing us to do our best. I still hear his voice at night "paddle Paddle PADDLE!!!" Lol

The accommodation for the surf camp was hostel style with clean showers and facilities and friendly staff. It's located near Chesterman Beach (less then a 10 minute walk) which was very convenient. The food was excellent and well portioned which is key after a morning surf when you’re starving and exhausted. The bar was relaxed with a good vibe, perfect to relax and enjoy a pint and listen to some live music.

I would highly recommend the longer 5 day camp to really maximize your experience in Tofino. Overall this was an amazing experience and one I won't forget. I will definitely be returning back to Tofino. Thanks for all the memories guys!!"

Agnes | Vancouver, British Columbia

"At Drew Burke's Tofino Surf Camp I experienced the most exhilarated oneness with nature and with fellow learning-to-surf enthusiasts. From booking my days to organizing transportation to the Camp, Drew took care of every detail of my trip with utmost care, efficiency and attention. While I originally registered for a three-day stay, within a few hours of being at the Camp I knew that I wish to extend it for the full five-day option.

Drew brought our four-member group together so effortlessly and with such warm energy that despite the differences in age and geographical origins we bonded immediately. Our common goal was to learn to surf and that was enough to carry us for the whole week through breakfasts, lunches, and dinners together with a mutual sense of trust and friendship. All the included meals at Jamie's Rainforest Inn were delicious and huge, supplying all of us with nutrition to remain fit for surfing.

As we were learning to speak 'surfing' we were also learning about Tofino and the Pacific Coast of Vancouver Island during our walks in town, on the beaches and in the rainforests. Drew's vast knowledge about surfing and about the environment of the Pacific Rainforest was invaluable to making my experience at the Tofino Surf Camp unforgettable.

My dream of learning to surf has come true. Being in the waves has made me feel free and like a kid again. I don't know if it is the negative ions of the ocean or just simply hanging out with great company, but I certainly had an epic time surfing the waves. Our instructor, Adam, played a key role in helping me understand the technical side of surfing from figuring out wave heights and frequencies, to practical first steps and safety with the board in the water, all recapped with videos after breakfast daily. Fitted wetsuits, warm-up exercises coupled with lots of fun and laughter in our group made me stoked for surfing forever. Paul's beautiful photos captured many moments and movements of surfing, as well as made visual souvenirs of our forest hike. The end of August sun kept shining brilliantly all throughout the week, making my adventure in Tofino extra special.

Thank you, Drew, and the Pacific Surf Co. for this awesome experience in the Tofino Surf Camp, and making me want to surf again and again! Next time I am also going to bring my stick to paddle out to point break. ;)"

Dane | Banff, Alberta

“If you’re sitting on your computer, debating whether or not to attend a Tofino Surf Camp, I will offer one piece of advice: GO! It may sound cliché but my experience with the surf camp was quite authentic, which seems rare in popular mountain and coastal towns.

The Tofino Travel Co. doesn’t just sell you a trip and leave you high and dry after you’ve paid your money. Drew is a very personable and genuine and ensures you have the best experience during your stay in Tofino and addresses any needs you might have. He gave me a tonne of good advice, and we went on a bunch of hikes and sightseeing of the area in the afternoons.

The accommodation for the surf camp was hostel-style with super clean showers and facilities, and the bar and restaurant are perfect for an après-surf pint and solid meal. The food was nothing short of excellent, and the atmosphere was quite relaxed with friendly staff and live music some nights in the bar.

Most importantly THE SURFING! The camp is designed so you learn the fundamentals so when you’re done your five days you can go out confidently on your own and improve. I took a Pacific Surf Co camp and the instructor Allan really wants to help guests learn. Him and Drew are super knowledgeable themselves and they use tools like video footage to show you what you're doing right and what you can improve on.

I could honestly write more than ten pages on this trip but hopefully this review is helpful to anyone thinking of signing up for a camp!”

Natalie | Edmonton, Alberta

"Wicked! I just spent 5 days in Tofino and had an awesome time. From the surf instruction, to the guided tours with Drew and his dog Yogi, everything was excellent. Our surf instructors, Allen and Adam, were top notch. You could really tell they had a passion for surfing and teaching, and were the perfect amount of pep to get you up in the morning. Getting in the water on the first day was incredible and really motivating!

The pace of the camp is just right. Surfing every morning really wakes you up and gets you pumped for the day. Then whether you're hiking Pacific Rim National Park, touring the town, or relaxing on the beach, there's always something to do. The accommodations were clean and comfortable, and there's even a beautiful inlet a quick walk from the hotel where you can relax and have some quiet time. You could take this camp multiple times and have a different experience every time. Because the group sizes are fairly small, it doesn't feel like you're being herded around like you would in a large group.

Drew was an awesome guide and was super hospitable! He's your guy when it comes to local history, flora, fauna and "can I eat this berry" questions. He really went all out to make the camp seamless, worry-free and fun. Also, you get to ride around town in his sweet VW van!

This isn't just your typical "tour". It's really an immersive experience, cramming all of Tofino's beauty into a short 5-day trip. Had a wonderful time and I'm already planning my next trip out! Thanks Drew!"

Chris | Vancouver, British Columbia

"For over a decade I've wanted to learn how to surf. For whatever reason I always had an excuse why I couldn't: I'm not fit enough, I'm not strong enough, I'm not adventurous enough, I don't have enough time, and most importantly, I can't do this on my own. And when I signed up for the surf camp with Tofino Surf Camps, I still felt this way along with a lot of anxiety about attending it.

But when I arrived at the camp and met Drew, the owner of Tofino Travel Co., the instructors Allen and Andrew from Pacific Surf Co. , as well as the other camp attendees, my anxiety diminished. The environment of the camp is one of support, inclusiveness, and fun. Getting loaded into the Volkwagen Vanagon to head to the beach for surfing or on the next hiking adventure, walking the shores of some of the most stunning beaches in Tofino, getting your a$$ handed to you while trying to conquer a wave, and seeing what the ocean has to offer beyond its beauty and raw power, are just a few highlights of this camp.

It was a pleasure getting to know Drew, and his perspective of surfing, life, environment, and all that Tofino has to offer.  

For me, the experience is far better than any words I can use to describe it. It felt like more than just a camp, but an insight into a different way of life. The only way to understand is to experience it yourself."

Karen | Thun, Switzerland

"A friend of mine back in Switzerland told me about Vancouver Island. He’s a really good surfer now and he started surfing in Tofino. Without hesitation I looked up Tofino in the internet and I found www.tofinotravel.com.

The booking was super easy and I registered for the All-Inclusive 5 Day Pacific Surf Camp and when I arrived I already had a feeling that I wanted to stay a little bit longer than only 5 days. The first week in Tofino was just awesome. Allan, our surf instructor, always had a positive mindset. He was very patient and he took care of everyone, no matter what surf level. In the mornings we watched the surf videos he made of us the day before. That was very helpful to see the mistakes and progress we made.

During our leisure time, Drew and his cute dog took us on hikes in the magical rainforest and local beaches plus they showed us around “Tuff City”. Drew is such a wonderful person. He’s super friendly and so thrilled about the beautiful nature surrounding Tofino. His knowledge and the way he talks about it is fascinating.

When I decided to stay in Tofino after the surf camp finished, Drew helped me out to find a nice place to stay. I’m happy I did, because while I was there I found really good friends. We surfed a lot together and they took me everywhere. It was an enriching experience meeting them. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to visit them soon.

The feeling I had out there is indescribably beautiful. Probably you should go out there and find out why I stayed for so long I can only recommend it! Tofino, thanks for having me - it was a blast!"

Ian | Calgary, Alberta

"Just finished a Tofino Surf Camp, and man was it ever fun! From start to finish they really look after you. Drew was an excellent host and made sure all of our needs were met. He kept in very close contact leading up to our arrival and made sure we could reach him in case flights were delayed, etc. The accommodations were fantastic and the meals were insanely good (the chef won Chopped Canada). Drew took the time to show us around Tofino as well as taking us out for a couple of spectacular nature hikes and treated us to a great night out on our last day.

If that was all that Drew provided it would have been great value, but then came the surf lessons. To find a company like Tofino Travel that organizes technical surf coaching is really, really rare. Trust me, I've traveled around a fair bit and it just isn't done. Allan (the instructor) took the time to explain why and how to do things. He re-enforced that with training on the beach prior to going into the water. Every day he'd refresh our basic skills and then build on them, adding more advanced lessons as we improved. It was always done in an atmosphere that made sure everyone had fun first and foremost.

If people wanted to push it a bit or hang back that was easily accommodated so you could go at a pace that worked for you. I probably surfed the best wave of my life so far and this was due to the great coaching provided by Allan. If you've ever wanted to learn to surf then don't wait - give Drew a call!"

Sisley | Vancouver, British Columbia

My friend and I took part in a Tofino Surf Camp in August, 2015. Drew, the owner of the company was very welcoming and passionate about living in Tofino. He spent an afternoon showing us around on the second day that we were there and drove us to the parks nearby which was a very thoughtful thing for him to do. I was amazed by the food provided at Jamie's Rainforest Inn even on the first night, everything there was so good!

The best part about the camp besides surfing itself was that since you are only surfing in the morning, you could spend your afternoon whatever way you'd like and there are a handful of things you could do to relax! Commuting to Tofino was a bit of a hassle for us since it was pouring rain and we could only fly to Qualicum Beach but Drew made sure that we could check-in smoothly with the Inn."

Melinda | Montreal, Quebec

"I just returned home after a Tofino Surf Camp, and after barely managing to haul myself into work this morning I can definitely say there is nothing better than cruising down the Tofino highway in a VW van listening to some classic Beach Boys on your way to a morning surf lesson…

Everything about this camp was better than I had hoped: the people were lovely, the surf lessons were dynamic and fun, and the non-surf time was filled with shenanigans with my new surf camp friends. The entire week was really well-organized, thanks to Drew, Tofino Surf Camp owner and all-round great guy. Drew is a veritable fount of Tofino facts and had good ideas of what to do and where to go when we weren’t surfing. He also brings his friendly pup to work in case you’re going through dog-withdrawal during your vacation.

Our surf instruction was provided by Pacific Surf Co., one of the local surf schools. Allan, the head instructor at PSC, taught us every morning, providing us with the theory, basic physical skills, and individualized feedback necessary to improve day-to-day. He breaks it down without making you feel like he’s dumbing it down – I was as impressed with his knowledge and ability to explain the physics of wave formation as I was with his easygoing and motivating attitude. Drew and Allan are just kind, interesting people to talk to in general and I really enjoyed my time with each of them.

In terms of the accommodations, the dorm is pretty typical hostel-style with bunk beds and a separate shower area, but the food was definitely above-average. The staff and servers at Jamie’s Rainforest Inn were also very personable and helpful. Tofino has a really cool atmosphere; everywhere we went, the people were friendly and chatty. There are a lot of visitors during this time of year but it doesn’t diminish the town’s charm at all.

They say at the beginning of this camp that the goal is for you to never have to take another surf lesson ever again because you’ll have the skills and confidence you need to get in any water and surf. While it’s true that I feel like I could rent a board somewhere and just practice, I would still sign up for another camp with Tofino Travel just because the full experience was so much fun and it really provides excellent value for your money. I would highly recommend this surf camp and can’t wait to return to Tofino myself!"

Taryn | Toronto, Ontario

I really can't say enough positive things about Tofino Surf Camp. I had been surfing before but was still essentially a novice, and wanted to go to a camp where you surf for several days in a row to solidify the skills more. As the previous reviewer said, this was the only surf camp in Canada and it didn't disappoint. I was travelling solo, so the idea of a group camp was a great way to meet people and surf lots!

We had a tough week for waves from a surf standpoint, but we still got out there every day, caught some big waves, and had a ton of fun. Adam and Alan were our instructors for the week, and their passion for surfing was evident. We first learned the basics if waves and wind and conditions in 'class', then went out to apply that knowledge to the actual surf. They were great at getting us out there catching waves, even when the waves were more choppy and unpredictable! It was physically exhausting (I would recommend getting to a reasonable level of upper body fitness for the camp) but so fun. I'd go back to Tofino to surf in an instant.

Drew was a fantastic guide throughout. From the moment he picked me up from the airport in his vintage Volkswagen van, to the last day of camp when he dropped me back off at the airport (exhausted but incredibly happy after the week of surfing), he was professional, knowledgeable, hilarious, timely, and approachable. He clearly is very passionate about not only surfing but everything 'Tofino'. On our hikes he was a fountain of facts about the flora and fauna, the cultural background of Tofino, and just about any other random topic you could get him on. He seemed to know everyone in town, and seemed to be very well liked by everyone in town as well!

I was a bit skeptical of staying in a dorm at first...something about my own room and own bathroom was appealing, but once I got there I realized there was nothing to be worried about. The dorm at Jamie's was incredibly clean, spacious, with 2 bathrooms and sinks. We had the dorm to ourselves several nights, at capacity for one, and it was never an issue.

Overall I would highly recommend the surf camp (go hard!) Drew should be commended for putting together such a great program! I can't wait to go back (with friends in tow this time!)."

Jerell | Nanaimo, British Columbia

“I’m a soon-to-be 30 year old and just completed one of the Tofino Surf Camps and all I can say is I loved every minute of it and would do it over and over again.

I’d taken a few day lessons before but basically didn’t feel confident enough to go out and surf alone. I also really wanted to immerse myself in the Tofino culture not just the surf part of it either. The surf camp was perfect 5 days to get it all in and work on the things needed to be worked on. The surfing was so much fun and the weather was gorgeous with barely a cloud in the sky. The Stay at Jamie’s Rainforest Inn was so cozy and comfortable and the staff made us feel at home and always asked us about our day’s adventures. I wish they could have come out with us too, they fed us great and gave us surf tips and stretching advice. The Food!! I am just a little 5 foot 3 Filipino guy but after surfing in the mornings you were so hungry the warm bowls of soup and the amazing sandwiches were so good! So much variety of things I wanted to come out and try to eat on the coast anyways...and it was all included with the package deal.

Now to Drew, the head honcho who runs Tofino Surf Camp and sets all the camps up. Damn man that guy is really awesome. He took care of everything and gave us just a taste of what life in Tofino is like. The people there are warm, welcoming and all around really happy to just be living in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Tofino is such a special remote location surrounded by lush forests, huge mountains with pristine oceans filled with healthy gathering of wild life. It’s no wonder amazing human beings began gathering there and work so hard to keep it there home.

We had an incredible time with everyone in the group, but Drew was the guy who pulled it all together. He picked us up and drove us around, giving us the history behind everything, he took us on hiking adventures and to all the soft sandy beaches that stretched as far as the eye can see while teaching us about the local plants and amazing edible berries.

Initially I was very hesitant to book this trip but the surf camp was exactly what I needed to be reminded that it is good to chase your dreams. It makes all of life’s stress seem a little less scary and a lot more manageable. My dream was to ride a wave and have that feeling of being pushed by the ocean and Tofino Surf Camp, Pacific Surf School and the Rainforest Inn all helped me do that. I cannot say ‘Thank You’ enough to all the staff and for all your support and cheering us on while we were out there.”

Carlene | Jasper, Alberta

"I travelled to Tofino for the Tofino Surf Camp in the summer of 2015. The surf lessons were amazing. Luckily we had amazing weather for our visit but besides that our surf instructor was great. Allan was so helpful, patient and knowledgeable about surfing, Tofino and the ocean. He was encouraging and helped us tweak pop ups and paddling to make sure we were successful. We chose to also take advantage of the yoga sessions offered through the program that helped with the movements associated with surfing. These classes helped incredibly on and off the water!

Last but not least we thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with Drew! He was so incredibly outgoing and welcoming to us. He was extremely knowledgeable about the region, local history and of course surfing. Everyday was a new adventure for us to fully enjoy the area. He took care of all of our needs and questions and showed us a different, more personal side of this bustling city. I would definitely recommend the longer five day surf camp to get the most out of your time spent in this wonderful town with these great people but that might also make it more difficult to want to leave! Thanks again to everyone involved in this life changing trip!

Thanks again Drew!"